Sugarcoat secures £75,000 in investment through Creative UK and NEL

Last updated: 5 Jan 2023

Sugarcoat secures £75,000 in investment through Creative UK and NEL

Sugarcoat's journey to secure initial capital results in success through joint investment from Creative UK and NEL for £25,000 and £50,000 respectively. This will be used as the catalyst to push the business to the next stage in terms of product development, sales and marketing as well as establishing a dedicated management team. Future plans include generating up to ten new jobs in the coming years as the business expands.

Sugarcoat provides services relating to content management, hosting and payment solutions having particularly strong presence in the retail sector, with clients including Lanchester Wines, Vintrigue and wholesale retailer Cottonprint. As a result of the financing they are looking to diversify into new markets at home and overseas as part of their development.

Sugarcoat's philosophy behind the business and platform is that businesses shouldn't require huge budgets to achieve a bespoke user experience and shouldn't settling for an ‘out of the box’ solution for their e-commerce needs. Sugarcoat understands the impact that flexible technology can have on SMEs’ operations when they’re tailored in ways that drive and enhance commercial success.

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