Flexible Commerce for Developers, Businesses & SME's


Sugarcoat was founded to directly challenge the status quo and provide much needed flexibility, control and innovation to the ecommerce space.


Hundreds of reasons to try it out.


Create your online store from just £20 per month


Suitable for ecommerce businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to million pound revenues


Uptime guaranteed alongside expert technical support and advice


Currencies supported so that you can sell your products around the world


Currently, all too many ecommerce sites are ‘out of the box’, unless you have a huge budget, with very little consideration given to creating a bespoke ecommerce experience unique to the needs of a business and its customers. Sugarcoat is designed to change all of that by offering a refreshing new take - an affordable, flexible and powerful ecommerce platform that offers a completely customisable experience.

We believe that technology is a key driver to the success of a business and innovation is achieved through automation, a strong value which has driven the Sugarcoat solution forward.

You don't just have to take our word for it - businesses large and small are starting to realise the benefits. Read their stories in our case studies and discover why so many online businesses are choosing Sugarcoat as their ecommerce platform of choice.


With level 1 PCI compliance, safely and securely take payments from anywhere in the world in over 135 different currencies.


Create multiple stores under the same account, allowing for ease of management and reselling options.

Store Types

With out of the box support for different store types depending on the business need, choose from ecommerce, Offline, Affiliate, Product Management and many more.

Flexible Hosting

Choose to self-host your website or host it through Sugarcoat for ultimate flexibility.

Open API

Integrate Sugarcoat directly with the Sugarcoat API, providing the highest level of flexibility and control - all at an affordable price.

Cloud Hosted

All services are hosted in the cloud, providing immediate access, from anywhere.

Simple Access

Simple and intuitive interface with all functionality fully accessible through an online platform.

Self Serve

Completely self-serve to ensure decisions can be made when they need to be.

Zero Maintenance

Regular automated updates and feature releases without any of the hard integration work.

Admin Users

Unlimited admin users at no additional cost for granular management and access to stores and store data.

Customer Notifications

Keep customers informed and up to date without the need for constant admin through built-in store notifications.

Flexible Emails

Trigger customisable emails from a number of automated workflows, providing as much automation and flexibility as possible.

Store-wide Discounts

Setup limited use and store-wide discounts at a store level, influencing flash sales and sale events.


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